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Subject Media Report Summary
Name Admin Date 2022.04.15

BPS inform you the press release concerning the raid action by Seoul Customs. Please refer to the below:

1.     Report Date

Apr, 14, 2022

2.     The Media

3.     Reported Contents

(Sejong=Yeonhap News) Reporter Da-Hye KIM =  A group of people who systematically brought and distributed 61,000 counterfeit bags and clothes products that imitate famous international brands has caught by Customs. The Seoul headquarters of the Korea Customs Service announced on Apr, 14th that they arrested four people, including the sales manager A (38), the warehouse management officer B (38), the domestic shipment person C (58), and the person in charge of smuggling D (38) on suspicion of violating trademark laws.

They are suspected of illegally bringing 61,000 counterfeit bags, clothing, and shoes products with famous international brands’ labels into Korea since 2018 until recently and selling them through retailers. The customs office explained that the counterfeit products they distributed amounted to 120,000,000,000 won based on the market price of the genuine product. It was investigated that A and others have been using special cargo and international mail to trick the counterfeit products into Korea as if they were self-used items. In the process, dozens of names were stolen to avoid customs’ raid action.

The products and the trademark labels were imported separately, and the labels were attached after bringing them in Korea. It was found that the counterfeits were stored in a secret warehouse located in Incheon and sold to domestic consumers through a consignment retailer.

They operate a wholesale website for counterfeit products that only retailers can subscribe to as a membership system, and fill in the false information when delivering goods to final consumers. When dealing with consignment retailers, they use a burner phone and fake bank accounts.

An official at the Seoul Customs said, “Through undercover duty and etc., we confirmed that there was a warehouse for counterfeit products. And we confiscated more than 15,000 counterfeit bags and wallets that were being stored and arrested all related people.”