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Subject Media Report Summary
Name Admin Date 2021.05.24

BPS inform you the press release concerning the raid action by Seoul SJP. Please refer to the below:

1.     Report Date

May, 3, 2021

2.     The Media

3.  Reported Contents

The 41 counterfeit sellers who have been selling children's counterfeits using fake brand logos in Internet open markets, large stores in Dongdaemun and Namdaemun, have been caught.

The 41 people have been criminally charged by Seoul SJP for violating the trademark law, and 17 of them who were finished being interrogated have been sent to the prosecution and the rest are under investigation.
A total of 1,245 counterfeits, including 553 pieces of clothing, 50 pieces of hats, 552 pieces of accessories, and 90 pieces of wallets and bags, were prosecuted by SJP. These are worth about 550 million won in terms of the estimated price of genuine products.
In particular, ahead of Children's Day in May, 25 people which are more than half of 41, were vendors of children's clothing and hat products. The counterfeits of children's products were 459 pieces, and the estimated price of genuine products is approximately 28 million won.
In case of distributing, selling, and storing the counterfeits, they shall be sentenced to up to seven years in prison or fined up to 100 million won under the Trademark Act.
The Seoul Metropolitan Government believes that presents demand and trading are expected to be brisk during May which is Family month and plans to actively conduct a raid and investigate the sale of counterfeits of children's products during May.
Considering the current situation under the prolonged COVID 19, non-face-to-face and online transactions have been increased, the authorities decided to focus the investigation power not only online but also offline.
When discovering a counterfeit vendor, citizens can report by 120 Dasan Call, smartphone app "Seoul Smart Inconvenience Report", visiting, mailing, and etc. Seoul Metropolitan Government will pay up to 200 million won in rewards for reporting criminal activities with decisive evidence.
The Seoul Metropolitan Government asked to be especially careful when purchasing the products of the following three categories: 1. products with poor quality and significantly lower price compared to genuine products, 2. products without labeling manufacturer, country of manufacture, and quality marks and etc., and 3. products with customer reviews of questioning the originality.