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Subject Media Report Summary
Name Admin Date 2021.08.13

BPS inform you the press release concerning the raid action by Customs. Please refer to the below:

1. Report Date

AUG, 11, 2021

2. The Media

3.  Reported Contents

Customs caught a group of people who smuggled so-called fake clothes with famous brand trademarks.

Customs officials at the Seoul Customs Service said today (on the 11th) that they handed over five officials from two medical wholesalers to the prosecution for violating the trademark law and customs law.

According to customs, they are accused of illegally importing 26 famous brand counterfeits from China from mid-2019 to the present and handing them over to apparel retailers.

Customs seized more than 2,000 fake clothes they had kept; the market value was worth 1.2 billion won, and trademarks such as Chanel, Celine and Nike were stolen.

According to the survey, they were tricked into using their own goods to avoid customs eyes, or they were divided into 1,500 times using mobile phone numbers and addresses of several people.

Fake clothes that have been transferred to apparel retailers have been sold at up to 75% cheaper than genuine goods on the market.

Seoul Customs emphasized that when purchasing famous brand products in places other than official online shopping malls or official stores, excessively inexpensive products may be counterfeit products.