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Subject Media Report Summary
Name Admin Date 2022.06.28

BPS is informing you the press release concerning the raid action by Seoul Customs. Please refer to the below:

1.     Press Report Date

June, 22, 2022

2.     The Media

3.     Reported Contents

A large number of sellers who have been selling so-called “fake” products that forged foreign luxury brands in clothing stores, golf practice ranges, and etc. have been caught in the Gyeonggi-do investigation network.

On 22nd, June, SJP of Gyeonggi-do announced that they have been conducting an investigation on the counterfeit products from the 1st of last month to the 10th of this month. As a result of this, 13 people was charged of violating the trademark law, and 2,072 pieces of product (worth 1.42 billion won in genuine products) were seized.

Titleist, the golf product brand, had the most quantity of counterfeit trademarks which is 1,610 pieces. And 119 pieces of PXG and 343 pieces of other brands such as Chanel, PRADA, DIOR, and Louis Vuitton were uncovered.

There were 1,963 pieces of clothing, 19 pieces of bags, and 90 pieces of scarf, belt, shoes, and accessories.

Most of the counterfeit products had poor bonding, printing, and finishing conditions, and the location and design of the brand logo or label were partially different.

There was no tag to prove whether the product is genuine or not, and the location of the attachment and the contents were different; but these are things that can be known only when you look closely.

Online Golf Clothing Shopping Mall “A” has been sold the Titleist counterfeit clothes while pretending to have a store overseas. They sold counterfeit golf pants with a genuine price of 350,000 for 90,000 won. As a such, for four months, they sold 210 million won worth of counterfeit clothes to 1,491 people, which is worth 1.05 billion won of genuine products.

Company “B” rented a golf driving range and sold 348 counterfeit golf clothing and accessories. They sold counterfeit golf pants with a genuine price of 560,000 for 100,000 won and counterfeit belts with a genuine price of 600,000 for 90,000 won.

Clothing store “C” is an import store specializing in Ross (the products which the factory produces extra pieces in anticipation of defects during the production process). They attempted to evade taxes by selling counterfeit products at a rate of 50-70% of the genuine market price and inducing cash payments.

Clothing store D, which has a store in a residential and commercial complex, allowed only the building residents to join a private online community, and after receiving an order, they sold the product at a time difference as if they were bringing the product from overseas even the product was brought from the domestic wholesale market.

SJP deployed a luxury brand identification specializing company (BPS) to conduct the investigation in addition to investigators. The investigation team pretending to be buyers also conducted investigations at 180 stores in 15 commercial areas in six cities, including Suwon.

The head of the province’s SJP for Fair Trade, Young-soo Kim said, “We will strengthen our investigation capabilities to prevent counterfeits from attaching our feet,” and “Reporting is very important due to the nature of the investigation, so please actively report it.”, he added. 

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